At the service of Saint marguerite

The friends of Saint Marguerite

Support and Friendship

We believe that it is important to be aware of your values and understand your vision

At Les Amis de Sainte Marguerite, it is our goal to bring together a joyful and determined community, one ready to get involved all year round.
This fount of goodwill will help spread the word of Sainte Marguerite through villages, cantons, countries, and continents

Our community understands the need to work hard and spread the word about Saint Marguerite’s simple message and spirituality, and this is best done with a squad of faithful friends.
Indeed, friendship is cultivated by communication, dedication, and contact

The Sainte Marguerite Bays foundation invests heavily into spreading our word, promoting our cause, and maintaining our communal home.
After all, it’s also our responsibility to create good places for people to come join us


This community is driven and inspired by the legendary simplicity of Saint Marguerite, “a simple woman with an ordinary life, someone with whom we call all identify"

Financial support

The modest yearly contribution is used to provide financial support to the Saint Marguerite Bays foundation, in order to better spread the word of Saint Marguerite


Les Amis de Sainte Marguerite aim to provide a fount of goodwill, ready to give our time and skills for Saint Marguerite’s cause and to help spread her message of love

Friendship and Community

In addition to an invitation to the “27th of the month”, a monthly mass will be celebrated by Les Amis de Sainte Marguerite.
Other get-togethers are also held to strengthen the bonds between us


Saint Marguerite’s universal message is also spread through a variety of publications, which are translated into as many languages as possible

For Les Amis de Sainte Marguerite, the goal is to bring together and unite a dedicated, motivated community. A culture of friendship, respect and joy is indispensable

Marguerite’s house
This house, where Marguerite was born and lived her whole life, requires maintenance and commitment if we are to keep receiving pilgrims

Financial support

Annual contribution

  • Yearly payment
CHF 20



Postal address


Les Amis
de sainte Marguerite

Coordonnées bancaires

IBAN CH65 0076 8300 1609 2150 5
BCF, Av. de la Gare 3, 1680 Romont


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